6 Bedroom Property located in North West Kent


This is the largest individual new build home Wakes have built to date. With a floor area of a 1000 square metres it is an impressive strucutre with numerous distinguishing features. 

Constructed of traditional methods and materials including concrete retaining walls, concrete floors and concrete curved stair cases, this building will provide refined living accomodation for many generations to come.

A full sized basement with integral swimming pool and spa area are complimented by unique striking views from the open terrace. The basment level includes Bar, Cinema, Gymnasium, Wine Cellar and Play Room. 

At the heart of the house is a Vailiant Ground Source Heat Pump which is efficiently providing energy to heat and cool the building. In addition to the GSHP, there are Solar Photovoltaic panels and Heat Recovery from all extracted air. 

All areas of the house have the benefit of state-of-the-art technology, including Smart Phone and Tablet intergration as standard. 

To build such a generous and sophisticated family home has been a rewarding experience.


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